President's Power Rankings through 5/19/19

Posted by Jeff Pierce on May 20 2019 at 11:27AM PDT in 2019 Spring/Summer

The NL has turned the usual story line upside down with all teams at .500 or better through last Saturday before the Pirates fell a game below after Sunday. The Prez doesn’t mind to be called out and I have heard about it quite regularly lately. I expect it out of Jonathan Gorski but even the gentlemanly Josh Blumenshine is giving me some ribbing. Looks like we are finally getting a string of good baseball days together so here is wishing for the best play of the year this week leading into All-Star Day.

1. Phillies (6-2-1) — The Phils retain the top spot despite only playing one game last week in a tie versus the Marlins. The 2-2 tie I am hearing was the game of the season and would do the Prez proud of what quality this league can produce.
2. Mariners (6-1-1) — Record wise they are No. 1 as Costa continues to taunt me silently with how he bamboozled me in the pre-season with his “sisters of the poor” analysis of his team. He swept the season series vs. Chuck’s Astros after Sunday’s win which explains why Chuck seems to be a bit short tempered lately. Costa is surpassing Gorski as the thorn in my side. Likes to text me during his games questioning the rules. I think I would be a good psychologist for him; I mean I am doing it for free right now.
3. Marlins (6-3-1) — I am still bullish on the Fish . I got a first-hand look on Saturday of my adopted (Cumby’s-sponsored) squad and feel just as good as I did in March about them. With a few 10th-graders, and good size all around, they are going to be tough to knock out in June.
4. Angels (5-2-2)— Coming into their own though they like to play the close games. Along with the two ties their losses were by one run and three runs. Big one Monday versus the Phils at Morton will clear up the picture a bit. First Morton game of the year on 5/20 that tells the story about the rain this Spring.
5. (tie) Astros (5-5), Cubs (4-3-1) and Padres (5-4) — Gutsy move on my part not deciding between these three. Astros and Cubs have both lost very key players for the year which limits their ceiling, The Padres play everyone tough. I can see the Padres knocking off the Mariners on Monday.


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