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2024 Presidents Pre-Season Rankings

Posted by Jeff Pierce at Apr 20, 2024 9:03AM PDT

Presidents Pre-Season Predictions

Disclaimer- Regular season ranking at the mercy of attendance issue and pitching availability caused by players playing on other teams whether it be high school or AAU. Playoff predictions assume all teams are locked and loaded in commitment and pitching.

1. Angels- Losing only one graduate last year the heavy veteran team should roll with five 15’s and six 14’s. Coach Wondo will have to find ways to get his older son innings on the mound without the JV Coach knowing and the Bakst twins have max pitching availability. I am hearing good things about the large 14 yr old class in their development. They only have two new players and any team with CJ Morrow on it is going to be a fave of mine, been waiting for three years for his arrival.

2. Astros- No one takes more heat from me than Coach Fratto (and as Marcus Smart is famous for saying, “rightfully so”). Despite a loaded roster, including several top performing Freshman HS players, he has already laid out several reasons why they may not live up to expectations, of which none of them were about his coaching abilities. They are stacked with a strong big bodied team (in Astro tradition) so I still expect they will overcome those obstacles on most days to be a top performing team.

3. Mariners- Two years removed from their championship season I see the M’s in the middle of the pack with an upside. They have a strong 15 yr old class, not spectacular, but solidly consistent and capable. Coach Rizzo brings a good vibe and positivity to the field that will help with the development of younger classes, and I ranked his draft performance near the top this past March.

4. Athletics – Coach Weiden looking to break through this year in his third managerial season. Losing his top 15 yr old isn’t going to help, as Sam Barton hit the transfer portal to move completely out of the league, the sport and the town. She will be missed. To help offset that they have 4-yr player Will Dyment ( love the 4 yr players) who has shown a lot at the JV level this year. They also have a promising underclass. When everyone shows up they are going to surprise.

5. Royals- The defending AL Champs were devastated with graduation losses which featured 2 current varsity and one JV player. Coach de Llano is a 4 year manager so he was put in a good position to rebuild with a prime draft position and a lot of picks. Think Patriots upcoming draft, he had the same type pressure to get it right. Growth in size and ability from some returning players and hopefully getting some regular pitching innings from lefty Avery Koehler will keep them respectable. And look out in the next two years they could be a wagon.

National League
1. Pirates – The defending RBRL champs are still loaded but because of a couple of big losses of players due to return, they will actually have to show up and play the games. Led by Brandon Lamontagne who probably could literally put the team on his back, he may scare some fences this year. A very strong 14 -year old class and three 13 year olds are already wearing a ring from last year. I am hearing that Ike Robinson has not filled out his retirement paperwork so that could stir the pot as the season progresses. Coach Prior is only calling Dan Robinson once a day now, down from the multiple texting throughout the day in the off season. The Pirates have a legit chance of the first repeat champ since 2016 and three consecutive NL championships.

2. Cubs- Another strong team with a few high-end talented players. The Cubs are the only current franchise not to have been to the World Series (expansion team from 2018), The challenge for Coach Lepore will be getting his players to the game from three different high school programs. If they all show up come playoff time sky is the limit.

3. Phillies- I always say the League is good when the Phillies are good. That hasn’t been the case since the 2020 Covid championship season. The 15 and 14 year old classes are as strong as any team depth wise and have some stronger plus players. Over the years the Phillies have been known to win championships on draft day. Coach Gualtieri does a lot of scouting in his job as umpire so will see if that Phillie magic comes back this year.

4. Padres- Coach Foley in his third year tells me he has another son coming up next year so that will be a six-year commitment. Unlike the legendary Pirate coach Joe Picano, who also coached 6 years, Dan is very low maintenance to the Prez and actually complies with our “guidelines” so I am very pleased with that news. The Padres only have two 15’s but they have extra year 14’s and 13’s so they are more veteran than they appear on paper. Drafting has always been an art more than a science for Coach, no one can overthink it more than Dan so we will see how that works out this year.

5. Rockies- Coach Pizzotti had the most picks to make so in theory the Rocks would be set-up to be struggling in the short term. However, he also has the Greatorex twins who are killing it at JV right now, Kam at the plate and Ethan on the mound. I see them as having a tough regular season until HS ends and he has more availability from the older players. They also drafted the top arm out of RLL, which may not allow for that much use (AAU) during the regular season but expect that come playoff time there is more availability there. On the plus side for the incoming players I rated their draft as easily #1 with a few difference makers.

Post Season:
AL – Angels over Astros
NL- Pirates over Phillies
World Series- Angels in three games

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2024 RBRL Practice Schedule

Posted by Reading Babe Ruth at Mar 20, 2024 10:59AM PDT

Updated as of 6PM on 4/12/24

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Royals vs. Pirates 6-13-23 at Moscariello Ballpark

READING- The Pirates take the 2023 World Series with a 7-4 win over the Royals, to secure their first title since 2012 and only their second in League history.
In a series lacking much firepower (GM1 7 hits, GM2 8 hits) it was the Pirates defense, aggressive baserunning and steady pitching that made the difference.
The Pirates only issued 3 walks, had 3 errors and stolen 12 bases in the series, and the Royals walked 10 batters with 6 errors and 6 stolen bases.
Several Pirates were worth consideration for World Series MVP between Brandon LaMontagne, Isaac Robinson, Hayden Mirasolo and Nolan McKinnon but it was LaMontagne that was the choice of the Press table.
Lamontagne played a flawless shortstop while making plays look easy, was on base 3 out 4 appearances with a hit, 2 RBI and 2 steals, and pitched three innings in game one allowing just one unearned run.
The Pirates scored three runs in the first inning when Mirasolo lined a single down the right field line and scored on a Lamontagne grounder.
Later in the inning the Bucs scored two more with the benefit of a walk, an infield error and Owen Prior’s infield ground out.
The Royals were not deterred by the early deficit and put two of their own on the board when Brady Keaveney scored after walking stole second base and came around on a Nathan Vitarisi single.
After Vitarisi stole third base he scored on a sacrifice fly by Dylan Martello but not before Mirasolo threw straight to home plate from center field and made the play at the plate close.
A focused Pirate coaching staff appealed that the runner left early but it was denied.
A nightmarish second inning for the Royals cost them two runs with only Ethan Filipski garnering a hit as the Pirates took advantage of a walk and some sloppy ball handling allowing what turned out to be the winning run to score.
The Royals scored two runs in the second inning when they loaded the bases with one out after singles by Jack Joyce and Grady Ventura and an error.
The Pirates limited the damage after Martello’s walk forced home a run as the next two batters grounded out, one bringing home the Royal’s fourth run.
The Pirates took a little tension out of the air in the sixth scoring two runs without the benefit of a hit, as the Royal’s pitching depth was tested and using their fifth pitcher of the game.
From there the Royals went down quite easily in their last two at-bats.
Isaac Robinson closed out a two inning save for the second straight night facing just six batters and relying on the string infield defense anchored by LaMontagne, with a stellar first base from Frankie Travassos and a nice catch on a tricky line drive to right field by Gio Santunioni.
The Pirates finished the season with a 11-5-1 record with a roster of 16 which was 1 or 2 more than all other teams (which is a disadvantage). They escaped the Phils in the semis 3-2 in a classic, survived a late game meltdown against the Rockies to win 12-10 with the bases loaded and no outs, and then saved their best for the Series with a very consistent and fundamentally sound team effort.
For the Royals (9-7-1) they had a strong pitching rotation but had very little room for error to offset a weaker hitting lineup and in the end too many mistakes doomed them in two games they were in position to win.
This concludes the 2023 RBRL Spring season thanks to all for the commitment and support of Players, coaches, parents and umpires.

PIRATES (7) – Mirasolo 3-1, Robinson 2-0, LaMontagne 1-1, Marchlik 2-0, Prior 2-0, McKinnon 1-0, Filipski 2-2, Santunioni 2-0, Travassos 0-0, Manfredi 2-0, Criscuolo 0-0, Jenkins 2-0, Reid 0-0, Prescott 2-0, Rimkunas 2-0. Totals 25-4

ROYALS (4)-. Keaveney 2-0, Vitarisi 3-1, Ventura 2-1, A Koehler 1-0, Martello 1-0, Fitzgerald 2-1, R Koehler 2-0, Payne 2-0, Lewis 2-0, Macari 2-0, Zelch 1-0, Borges 2-0, Joyce 2-1 Totals 24-4

PIRATES 320 002 0 -7
ROYALS 200 200 0 -4


Marchlik 2IP 2H 2ER 1BB
McKinnon 3IP 2H 0ER 1K
Robinson 2IP 1BB

Martello 1IP 2H 2ER 1BB 1K
Keaveney 2IP 1H 1ER 2BB 1K
Vitarisi 2IP 1H 2BB 1K
Lewis 1IP 1ER 2BB
Fitzgerald 2IP 2K

W- McKinnon
L- Martello
Save- Robinson
Hold- McKinnon

Pirates take Game One of 2023 World Series

Posted by Reading Babe Ruth at Jun 20, 2023 7:09AM PDT

Royals vs. Pirates 6-12-23 at Moscariello Ballpark

READING- The Pirates rode strong pitching to a game one 4-2 victory over the Royals in a quick moving game played in less than 90 minutes.
A sloppy defensive start for the Royals was their undoing in the bottom of the second inning as the Bucs got all the runs, they needed 4 batters into their order.
Down 1-0, Hayden Mirasolo hit a ground single just the second baseman’s reach.
Isaac Robinson reached on an infield error and a wild pitch followed putting runners on second and third base.
A Brandon LaMontagne grounder to shortstop was nicely played but a wild throw brought home Robinson and LaMontagne advanced to second base.
Tyler Marchlik grounded out scoring Robinson to put the Pirates up 2-1
Next up Owen Prior stroked one of the harder hits of the game but a nice over the shoulder catch was made by Nolan Zelch on the line drive but Lamontagne smartly read the play and tagged up to third base.
Nolan McKinnon, who is having a strong playoff season, then singled in LaMontagne with the winning run. This was the second straight game the thirteen-year-old drove in the winning run.
The Royals had taken a 1-0 lead when Brady Keaveney singled to start the game and stole two bases and scored on a sacrifice fly to centerfield by Nate Vitarisi.
Later in the inning second baseman Jack Prescott made a nice running catch of a pop up in the short outfield to keep the deficit at one run.
The Pirates tacked on a second run in the second inning after a two out single by Evan Manfredi, who advanced on an infield error and a steal of third before trotting home on a balk to make the score 4-1.
From there both team’s pitchers shut down the opposition and baserunners were kept to a minimum with only two walks issued in the game and solid defense on both sides.
The biggest highlight of the game was on the Royals side where Avery Koehler made a spectacular full out diving catch in left center field robbing Mirasolo of a double in the fourth inning.
The Royals made it interesting when Keaveney (2 for 2) doubles, stole third base and was balked home in the fourth to narrow the lead to 4-2.
That was the last threat however as Isaac Robinson struck out 5 batters in his two inning save to bring the Pirates one win away from their first RBRL title since 2012.
Game 2 is Tuesday night at Moscariello Ballpark at 5:45. Trophy ceremony to follow if the Pirates win.

ROYALS (2)-. Keaveney 2-2, Vitarisi 2-0, A Koehler 1-0, Martello 2-0, Fitzgerald 2-0, R Koehler 2-0, Payne 2-0, Lewis 2-0, Macari 2-0, Zelch 2-1, Borges 2-0, Joyce 2-0, Aimes 2-0. Totals 25-3

PIRATES (4) – Mirasolo 2-1, Robinson 2-1, LaMontagne 2-0, Marchlik 2-0, Prior 2-0, McKinnon 2-1, Santunioni 1-0, Travassos 2-0, Filipski 2-0, Manfredi 2-1, Criscuolo 1-0, Jenkins 2-0, Reid 0-0, Prescott 1-0, Rimkunas 1-0. otals 24-4

ROYALS 100 100 0 -2
PIRATES 310 000 x -4

Double: Robinson, Keaveney

Vitarisi 2IP 3H 1 ER 2K
R. Koehler 3IP 1H 2BB 2K
Martello 1IP 1BB 2K

Marchlik 2IP 1H 1ER 1K
Lamontagne 3IP 1H
Robinson 2IP 1H 5K

W- Marchlik
L- Vitarisi
Hold- Lamontagne
Save- Robinson